Massachusetts – KNOW about Fiscal Priorities

Massachusetts’ Fiscal Priorities
Governor Deval Patrick has recently signed Massachusetts’s budget for fiscal year 2013. The new budget places an emphasis on agenda items such as closing the achievement gap through investment in education, reducing health care costs, creating jobs, and on positive youth development and youth violence prevention. The new budget increases local aid by 3.7% in FY 2012 to $5.32 billion in FY 2013. Education aid will be $4.171 billions, the largest in the state’s history. The new budget plans to reduce health care costs by roughly $700 million. Additionally, the budget for fiscal year 2013 places $35.5 million towards creating summer jobs and for funding grants focused on youth development for the future and youth violence prevention.

** Includes Judiciary, Transportation, Public Safety, Housing and Economic Development, Labor & Workforce Development